Ariston Norway AS PORSGRUNN, Norway 
Ariston Norway AS

Specializes in the developing and manufacturing of technologically advanced automatic level gauging multipurpose tank monitoring systems by supplying the marine industry with the SURVEYORâ„¢ product. The SURVEYORâ„¢ system is one of the most comprehensive and accurate in the market, utilizing tailor-made, high quality radar and pressure sensors with integrated temperature measurement. SURVEYORâ„¢ brand is the property of Ariston Norway AS.



Address: Norway, PORSGRUNN, 3920 Dokkvegen 10

Contact person: e-mail, website

Phone: +47 35 931130

Fax: +47 35 931131

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Non-contact Microwave Radar
One the few marine microwave ullage gauges featuring power and 4-20 mA signal on a two core cable, thus providing for simple, fast and cost effective installation for both new-buildings and retrofit projects.

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